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Delivering PondValue Since 2013

Our Mission 

PondValue launched in 2013 with the mission to develop a focused product line of pond and lake treatments that, solve common pond problems, while remaining a great value. We accomplished that mission. PondValue treatments deliver outstanding results and a cost-effective solution to pond and lake maintenance.

Our Product Line

Pond dye is one of the easiest and most effective pond care products. PondValue pond dye enhances the natural beauty of a pond or lake while also providing shade and protection from the sun’s rays.

Beneficial bacteria are present in any functioning pond ecosystem, diligently working behind the scenes to maintain a balanced environment. There are not enough naturally occurring bacteria to maintain most ponds and lakes. Adding PondValue highly concentrated bacteria treatments will bring balance to a deteriorating pond or lake, clearing murky water and eliminating muck accumulation.

When used in combination, PondValue pond dye and beneficial bacteria treatments will produce great results.

About Us